‘Yatra’ posters gives us a peek to Salin Man Bania’s musical journey. See here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- The first look of filmmaker Keshab Bhattarai’s ‘Yatra’ was shared on social media on Thursday.

The poster perfectly encapsulates the essence of the cinema’s title. The poster features the cinema’s lead pair rising star Salinman Bania and actress Malika Mahat who can be seen making a sign of love with their hands in one of the poster.

In the poster, Salon Basnet and Janhvi Basnet can also be seen along with Salinman and Malika .We wonder, if the cinema will focus on Salin Man and Malika’s romance or something else?

Seems like we’ll have to wait till the end of Chaitra that is to get the answers to the question, for that’s when the cinema will be out on theatres.

Yatra which also features Rajaram Poudel, Dhiren Shakya,Prekshya Bajracharya is a musical love story, which has been directed by Samrat Shakya and it has been produced by Sushil Pokharel and Chij Kumar Shrestha.