Keki’s ‘Boksiko Ghar’ authentic thriller story

Keki’s ‘Boksiko Ghar’ authentic thriller story

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Actor Keki Adhikari has taken the much needed step to bring in our authentic story on silver screen with ‘Boksiko Ghar’. She has stepped out of her comfort zone for this character and by the look of it, this cinema has to be awesome. The trailer and the song ‘Bujhina Maile’ have already garnered such amazing responses.

‘Boksiko Ghar’ was enacted as a drama and Keki had watched it. The actor/producer in her then got provoked to present this story as a cinema to larger mass. She found that the story was entertaining and also had a strong social message. This is now a rare combination. She later got in touch with the director of the drama Sulakshyan Bharati who helmed this project.

The character is totally different than what Keki has taken till date. She is a fabulous actor but she had her doubts on being able to justify the character. She gives the credit to the director who mentored her, moulded her into the character that looks so natural. There were moments when she questioned certain processes and those were logically explained by the director. She herself admits she has left no stones unturned to give this character the depth it required. She went through workshops for six months straight.

Keki went out of her ways when she happily went bald for the cinema. She says, it took a lot of courage to let go of her hair. But this physical harassment and mental traumas were what so many women were facing everyday in the name of superstitions. Those voiceless women were tortured and forced to go through lot more, compared to that, going bald looked so tiny says Keki Adhikari.

‘Boksiko Ghar’ is a thrilling punch to the existent superstitious beliefs. Such beliefs have been rooted in our mind since ages that even amidst budding scientific technologies, we tend to believe it as true. And this superstition has caused traumas and even death. ‘Boksiko Ghar’ is one such story that has been presented to shake such beliefs.

Presented by Keki Adhikari Films, ‘Boksiko Ghar’ is produced by Badri Adhikari. Keki Adhikari, Shupala Sapkota, Swechchha Raut, Rama Thapaliya, Sushma Niraula, Jiwan Baral, Sabin Bastola are in pivotal roles. The other crews include Monish Niraula and Baja Band in music, Shivaram Shrestha as DOP, Kumar Maharjan in action, Sulakshyan Bharati and Lokesh Bajracharya as editor.

Directed by Sulakshyan Bharati ‘Boksiko Ghar’ hits the theatre on Baisakh 14.