Tanushree Dutta shared that she has been receiving threats from Nana Patekar’s side.

The Mumbai Police has reached out to actress Tanushree Dutta and has provided her with 24 hours cover after a political party issued threats to her.

Tanushree has also shared that she has been receiving threats from Nana Patekar’s  side. She also shared that MNS party has threatened her with a violent attack in an interview.

The police have immediately responded to the complaint and assigned a special team to protect the actress, all through the day.

In a statement, the actress has said that in the middle of all the threats, Mumbai Police reached out to her and offered their help and support.

The actress tweeted: “Amidst all this, the Mumbai police has reached out and offered their support. They have promised me 24 hours police protection and have posted their armed personnel around my home. I would like to thank the Mumbai police force for coming forward to protect me and helping me strengthen my resolve.”