Surakshya,Arpan and Benisha starrer ‘Ghar’ hits the theatres from today.

The Cinema Times,Kathmandu- This Friday, audiences will witness horror cinema directed by one of their favorite actor Arpan Thapa. Yes, Ghar featuring Surakshya Panta, Arpan Thapaa and Benisha Hamal is releasing from today near your theatres.

Ghar, which is directed by Thapa, will mark the association of the him and horror flick for the second time. Since the cinema has feel and taste of scary story hidden inside a married couple’s home,it has already managed to create a lots of buzz.

‘Ghar’ is Arpan Thapa’s fourth directorial venture after 2014’s gangster drama ‘Mukhauta’ and Aadha Love, and now this is primarily his second horror flick after Sunkesari.

Ghar also stars Asmita Khanal, Saroj Aryal, Shristi Maharjan,Bikash Khanal in the pivotal roles.