Rekha Thapa fighting for Daughters’s Identification & Their Image

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Rekha Thapa, who always comes up with female oriented movie, never thinks that female are less than any men. Her each and every movie is heroine dominant.
Rekha is outstretching herself from city to village for women’s empowerment besides her vigorous achievement in film industry. She is raising the voice for Daughter’s freedom in rural areas and community through her project “Golden Nepal Mega Campaign For Daughters”.
Earlier, she is expressing strong statements regarding Daughter’s Identification in social sites. Her status indicates the oppositions for reservation system in the name of females and the practice to change the caste after marriage.

Status is like this : “Identification? Daughters identification starts with someone or is she herself a human? Why daughters are mean to smashed their identification when she just shaped it, while a male child born in same house have freedom and facility to live with his identification since birth to death? Is it an obligatory necessity for daughter to sacrifice & abandon their identification? Is it necessary to smashed the name and caste that were framed in birth certificate book, school admission, eligibility certificates, citizenship & driving license? Is it an achievement to crushed daughter’s identification for her part in marriage & family entity?
Is sacrifice a meaningful essence of female competency? Do we daughters see self existence in between the game of formation and crush of our own identification from time to time? No, because in the era ; the birth, raise & the school’s syllabus for education are formed in a way to kill daughter’s self existence. Every paths are trap for humans who are born as a daughter. A daughter should go through the obstacles and experiences before becoming a daughter-in-law, mother and female member, which a male will not suffer that much through out his entire life None of the daughter is going to have independent identification and image as long as the grammar and dictionary formed by society to train a female remains same. Can we play the game of equality role in social system? It is necessary to think that why a daughter can’t have same name caste from birth to death? -Rekha Thapa”