‘Ranveer’ Trailer: Get ready for Prashant Tamrakar and Sushil Sitaula explosion !! (Video)

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- It looks like Prashant Tamrakar and Sushil Sitaula are all set with a big explosion.

If the trailer of ‘Ranveer’ is anything to go by then the combo of Prashant Tamrakar and Sushil Sitaula in an action avatar are all geared up to set the big screen on fire. 

Check out the trailer of ‘Ranveer’ below: 

The almost 3 mins long trailer of the cinema shows how actor Sushil Sitaula fights and move for revenge for his love with the villain Prashant Tamrakar.

The cinema also features Subeksha Khadka, Supushpa Bhatta, Harihar Sharma, Tika Pahari, Rabi Giri in the major role.

Slated to release in 1st of February, the action cinema is directed by Govinda Singh Bhandari and produced by Goma Bista Thapa and Dipendra Regmi.