Pooja Sharma charging Rs 15 lakh for a film, joins Samragyee RL Shah and Namrata Shrestha’s ranks

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Pooja Sharma has joined the big league of best paid female actress in industry. She was already one of the most popular and most adored actress of the country and it will soon reflect in her fees too.

With a whopping salary of 15 Lakhs, Pooja competed  as the undisputable queen of the box office.

According to the latest reports, Pooja charged a hefty 15 lakhs for ‘Samhalincha Kahile Man’ female character she was roped in for opposite debutant Sonam Topden.

The cinema will be directed by ace director Sudarshan Thapa.

Industry’s notorious gender wage gap where male protagonists get paid almost double the amount as their female counterparts was broken by Samragyee Rl Shah and Namrata Shrestha.