Love of Binaya & Shristi In Picture: Romeo And Muna Song

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Romeo And Muna’ has set their new release date with release of their new song. Makers in a Press Meet at K Town on Thursday launched the song from the cinema titled ‘Pal Pal’ which is actually old song of singer Sukmit Gurung.

The launched song is almost 15-16 years old. Music and lyrics is being helmed by Bishwo Shahi. Eyedream VFX has exhibited the picture drawn by Sagar Shah and Santosh Shrestha, which features the love of lead characters Binaya and Shristi. Most probably, it is the first Nepali cinema song to feature background picture.

Song concept was praised in a Press Meet. Joint production of Prashanna Gopali, Ram Sharma, Kabin Shakya and Binaya Shrestha also features Prajjwolsujal Giri, Sushma Karki, Surakshya Panta and many more. Cinema written and directed by Naresh Kumar has set release date for Shrawan 11.