Kagazpatra trailer: Najir Husen, Shilpa Maskey and Bholaraj Sapkota’s story will leave you confused !! (Video)

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- After releasing love song of the cinema, the makers of ‘KAGAZPATRA’ featuring Najir Husen and Shilpa Maskey have released it’s official trailer.

Featuring Najir Husen,Shilpa Maskey,Sarita Giri and Bholaraj Sapkota,the trailer revolves around the story of two families who dreams to achieve big things going abroad. One of the major character of the cinema Shilpa Maskey and Bholaraj Sapkota who is playing a nurse and a worker respectively seems to be stuck in a complicated relationship.

Kagazpatra written and directed by Apil Bista also features Lokendra Lekhak, Jeevan Bhattrai, Laxmi Bardewa and Arjesh Regmi.

Slated to release in 22nd of March 2019, the cinema is produced by Khilendra Timsina, MukeshRegmi and Prajapati Shiwakotoi.