Jharna Thapa on directing A Mero Hajur 3. See more:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu-  Actress/director Jharna Thapa’s A Mero Hajur 3, starring Anmol KC and debutant Suhana Thapa is creating phenomenally good buzz in the tinsel town. The cinema is expected to set the new records in the box office as expected as one of the most anticipated cinema this year.

In conversation with TCT, director of AMH3 Jharna Thapa said, “It’s a commercial palette, people think of it differently. But when you see the cinema, when you see the genuineness of it, it is very easy. Speaking about her cinema, Jharna added: “I think we have made a good cinema.

Suhana Thapa, daughter of actress Jharna Thapa is debuting opposite superstar Anmol KC and we are already loving their chemistry.

AMH3 is slated to release in 12th of April 2019.