Fresh posters of Prashant Tamrakar and Sushil Sitaula starrer ‘Ranveer’ revealed. See posters:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- After delivering lots of action cinema , actor Prashant Tamrakar is yet again back as a villain and this time collaborating with actor Sushil Sitaula are all geared up for their first collaboration “Ranveer”.

The duo will be seen sharing screen space in the upcoming action love story drama directed by Govinda Singh Bhandari. The cinema also features Subekshya Khadka and Supushpa Bhatta.

While the trailer and song of the cinema was released on couple of weeks ago, to build more excitement around the cinema, the new posters of Ranveer has been launched. 

Produced by Goma Bista and Dipendra Regmi, the cinema is slated to release in 1st of February 2019.