‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’- thought-provoking teaser

‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’- thought-provoking teaser

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – The official teaser of Nabin Subba’s directorial ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato- A Road To Village’ is released. The  teaser summarized the plot of the cinema presenting village life, curiosity about the city, happiness because of the road and the struggle with the change.

In the teaser release event, actor Dayahang Rai said the road to the village brought many things in but also took away few inheritances and that story regarding the change is presented in the cinema.

Director Nabin Subba says the cinema shows a beautiful father-son bond. He remembered his father while hearing the story, the ordeal a father goes through  for his children’s upbringing. Then the cinema was made. The team are hopeful in receiving more love from Nepali audiences.

The cinema presents the struggle between tradition and progress faced by Nepal as a developing country. ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ portrays the impact of a road built in the life of Maila, a basket weaver, played by Dayahang Rai and Maili, played by Pasupati Rai whose dream is to fulfil their son Bindrey’s wishes played by Prasan Rai. This heart-wrenching yet heart-warming, emotional and thought-provoking story addresses the complexities of modernisation and its impact on marginalised communities.

Dayahang Rai, Prasan Rai and Pashupati Rai are seen in pivotal roles. Produced under the banner of Mechhyayem Pictures and Baasuri Films the screenplay is by Mahesh Rai and Nabin Subba and is produced by Amod Rai and Nabin Subba. The executive producers are Sanju Rai, Devraj Rai, Narhang Rai and Bhim Rai.

Director Subba is known for his different presentation and story. ‘Numafung’ was his first directorial, ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ is his third cinema while his second ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’ has not yet publicly released.

Having collected rave reviews and accolades worldwide, the cinema will now release in Nepal on Jestha 25.