Friday Cinema ‘Mansarra’ releases with high expectations

Friday Cinema ‘Mansarra’ releases with high expectations

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Mansarra’ is a cinema from the director of ‘Jaari’ Upendra Subba, so it’s obvious that audiences will have certain expectations from the cinema. And it can be said that the expectations will be met. The cinema was highly appreciated in the premiere.

‘Mansarra’ has been allocated high number of shows in multiplexes. QFX has given a total of 69 shows to the cinema with 28 shows in Kathmandu and 41 shows outside valley. One Cinemas has allocated 12 shows in its two outlets, INI, the second largest multiplex chain in Nepal, gave 14 shows to the cinema. The hype ‘Mansarra’ has created and the word of mouth is sure to bring a frenzy in coming days.

After watching the cinema in the premiere, the who’s who of Nepali cine industry applauded director Subba’s style of cinema making. His uniqueness in adding poetic scenario and effortlessly presenting the cinema in a literary flow has been praised. Actor Praveen Khatiwada’s performance was lauded. Similarly, Miruna Magar, Dayahang Rai, Menuka Pradhan and child actor’s performances are note worthy.

Written by the director himself, ‘Mansarra’ is produced by cinematographer Shailendra Dhoj Karki. The cinema is co-produced by Parsu Adhikari, Bishnu Kumar Thebe and Jiban Limbu Thaklung. Other crews of the cinema include Nimesh Shrestha as Editor, Manhang Lawati, Manik Shankar, Shayok Mukarung and Shubham Chamling Rai as Art Director. The executive producer of the cinema is Sijan Dahal and Kiran Rai is the chief assistant director. Apple Entertainment has the distribution rights and G21 Digital is the digital partner.

Hats off to the unique combination of genuine characters and cultural significance, director Subba’s story touches hearts as he makes sure the script is authentic. The story isn’t far from our cultural values and the cinema depicts the lifestyle with sincerity.

‘Mansarra’ is running in cinemas near you.