Captain Trailer: Superstar Anmol KC looks fierce as a football player of the nation. (Video)

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- After releasing the first song ‘Rahar Chha Sanghai’ a while back, the team of  Bhuwan KC’s ‘Captain’ has finally released the trailer of the cinema today.

The trailer is three minutes twenty one seconds long and depicts different stages of a player’s life.

Super star Anmol KC as a football player, is the spitting image of a Ishaan Khadka, a dedicated and born to be a player . In the trailer, we see him training –playing for the nation , dance around and in lighter scenes where he tries to win over his lady love.

There are fleeting scenes that show Anmol’s love interest played by debutants Upashana Singh Thakuri and Priyanka MV in the cinema.

Parts of the trailer have the high energy soundtrack, in the backdrop. The cinema directed and written by Diwakar Bhattarai seems to be shot on an epic scale and pans through years tracing the life of an athlete.

The cinema which is slated to release in 1st of March also features Sunil Thapa, Saroj Khanal, Prashant Tamrakar, Wilson Bikram Rai and Rajaram Paudel.