Barsha Siwakoti reveals the ugly truth of the industry !! Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Sometimes things are not as they appear on the surface. Despite starting her acting career from long ago in the cinema industry, Bir Bikram 2 actress Barsha Siwakoti, seems to be now fighting for her share of credit in making a cinema successful.

Barsha has now been vocal about her bad experiences in the industry on various instances but recently she spoke which is worth a read. She spoke about her struggles, her unpleasant experiences in the industry and her encounters with new producers who don’t pay on time and according to the commitment.

Barsha also claims that the makers of her upcoming ‘Purano Bullet’ has not paid according to the norms.

Not only Barsha, but actor Pradeep Khadka also recently accused the makers of his last release ‘Rose’ for not paying him. On the other hand, yester year actor Rajaram Poudel also accused the makers of Anmol KC’s starrer ‘Captain’ but not paying him according to the norms.