‘Kathaputali’ gets strong word of mouth

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu –

gauri malla and mithila sharma
Nepali films that were recently released in the ongoing pandemic was not able to not attract audiences towards the cinema halls. But newly released film ‘Kathaputali’ has given high hopes. It has been a week of its release and the film is still performing good at the theaters. The film, which was well received by the audience on the first day of its release itself, had a houseful of sales in most of the multiplexes and single theaters in the capital.
QFX, Nepal’s largest multiplex chain, had given 14 shows which later they increased to 22 shows and most of the shows showed good occupancy. The film’s distribution company also informed that the occupancy of the film is 100% in most of the shows. Other multiplexes in the capital also saw good number of audiences.
The makers of the film have expressed their happiness over the audience’s attraction towards the film Kathaputali. After all, in a situation where Nepali films are not able to bring in more audience, ‘Kathaputali’ has shed a new ray of hope. Many believe that the film will be at the theaters for a long time. Thanks to the strong word of mouth publicity.
Producer Prithvi Rana Magar said that the positive response from the audiences and housefull shows has added to the excitement. The thriller movie directed by Bhimsen Lama features Mithila Sharma, Gauri Malla, Karma, Usha Rajak, Shilpa Maskey, Suvarna Thapa and Dhruv Koirala in lead roles. Vishal Gurung, Dharma Shrestha and Hem Thapa are the co-producers of the film.