‘2.0 Chhadke’ trailer creates the bang

‘2.0 Chhadke’ trailer creates the bang

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Finally, the trailer of ‘2.0 Chhadke’ is here. It starts with a bang and carries the charm throughout. One of the most awaited cinemas of the year, the trailer lives up to expectations.

The trailer begins with the character introduction of Mega Star Anmol KC as ‘Mendog’. There are armed gangs riding bikes, furiously gunning down anyone in their path. ‘2.0 Chhadke’ presents the story of three gangs, viz. Royal Manang Gang, Barulaz Gang and Green Gang. These three gangs are fighting to gain solo access to Manang’s natural resources, mainly Yarshagumba.

The way each character is introduced is terrific. Khajure looks violent; Natraj the deceitful politician, Samten is brutal. Sweeping story of gangs fighting over the Yarsha center of the country, where rivalry and revenge cut deep and cold-blooded crimes are second nature.

Gangs attempting to monopolize the resources and backed by the leading political parties, this vividly presents the deadly situation. The trailer powers forward, relentlessly giving a gist on how the cinema would be.

This one’s a gang bang. The story explodes with bullets, blasts, swords and bust-ups with blood, body counts and boom boom. By the way, amidst the gang swag, we can also see the romantic side of Mendog with Yanki. ‘2.0 Chhadke’ is slated to release on Falgun 19.