Jharana Thapa, A name dedicated to Nepali Cinema.

Jharana Thapa, A name dedicated to Nepali Cinema.

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Her best gift till date is the one given by her daughter, Suhana. She has gifted a pair of white shoes worth 120$ to Jharana, which she bought with her self-earned money.Birthday Special-Born on March 28, 1980 at Pyuthan, Jharana Thapa is a known face and acclaimed name in Nepali cinema sector. Already contributed more than 25 years to Nepali cinema, she started her career as an actress, to being a producer and now one of the hit cinema directors in Nepal, Jharana Thapa has carved a niche for herself. Dharam Sankat, Sukha Dukha, Gorkhali, A Mero Hajur, Muglan, Takdeer, Pahuna are some of her superhit cinemas.

She is currently busy with her next release A Mero Hajur 4, which releases on Baisakh 1, 2079. This is her third directorial venture. She already has two blockbuster cinemas in her kitty; A Mero Hajur 2 and A Mero Hajur 3. She launched her daughter Suhana Thapa in A Mero Hajur 3, which was not an easy task for her. She feared… What if this doesn’t work, her more than 20 years of cinema contribution was at stake. But, their hard work paid off, Suhana Thapa hit the bull’s eye with her debut.

Talking exclusively to The Cinema Times, Jharana Thapa says, she sees herself in Suhana’s zeal to work. There definitely are similarities in the way this mother daughter duo look. Apart from that, Jharana says, “Suhana is very simple, down to earth, motivated, and pure at heart, just like me.”

When asked how challenging it was to direct her own daughter, she states when on set she never was a mother, she was a film maker directing her actors and committed to making a good cinema. There were moments where Suhana had to act in adverse scenarios, but the director in her always outweighed the mother in her. It was a testing moment for her, when she decided to bring Suhana, who at that time was pursuing her studies abroad, to Nepal to go after something she was new to. Jharana confidently says, “I am positive that I can make any newcomer act.” In her debut directorial venture she worked with debutant Salin Man Baniya and made him an overnight success. So, with Suhana too, she was assured of herself. Suhana also made the task easy. Her wholeheartedness is what the director and mother in Jharana Thapa adores.

Talking about her own acting debut Daijo (1996) with Bhuwan KC, she recalls how nervous she got during the shoot. Though, it wasn’t difficult for her to get her first break. She met Director Dayaram Dahal through some contacts and as she had taken Dance as her major subject in college and had won competitions, she was instantly selected.

This birthday, she has only one dream, one wish to create another blockbuster, A Mero Hajur 4. When asked what the cinema has that will have the audience flowing, the blockbuster director puts in, “It is always the story that holds the audience. A cinema might have strong star casts, perfect locations, amazing songs, but all this will not matter until the story is powerful. And A Mero Hajur 4 has got a story that is gripping and the audience will love it.”

The Cinema Times wishes Filmmaker Jharana Thapa a very happy birthday and wishes the very best for A Mero Hajur 4..