Independence Day 2021: Powerful dialogues of Bollywood films which are full of patriotism

Independence Day 2021: Powerful dialogues of Bollywood films which are full of patriotism

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The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day in India. Its been 75 years since India got independence. Therefore no doubt Bollywood surely has celebrated their special day with powerful dialogues in their films to make it even more special. Lets see some of those popular dialogues of patriotic films.
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Shahrukh Khan featured movie ‘Chak De India’ was based on sports. But on the whole, this film was full of patriotism. Shahrukh Khan speaks a dialogue in the film ‘I can neither hear nor see the names of states, I hear the name of only one country, that is India’ This dialogue completely awakens the spirit of patriotism.

Uri: The Surgical Strike

A dialogue that comes in everyone’s mind as soon as the name of this film is taken. ‘How the Josh, High Sir’ Hearing this fills one’s heart with enthusiasm.

‘This India will not sit silent now! This is the new India, it will enter the house and it will also kill.


Holly day

Akshay Kumar starrer this film completely fills the spirit of patriotism. This film is based on the life of a soldier. film tagline ‘A Soldier is Never Off Duty’ That alone is enough to explain it.

‘You guys live peacefully here with family, that’s why we die on the border everyday’


Be victorious

Salman Khan starrer This film was a drama film, but in this, Salman Khan is shown working in the army.

We can remove a true patriot from the army, but he does not have patriotism from his heart.

We also know to shake hands, also to shake hands,

I also explain with love first and then with weapons.



The film Border is based on the Kargil war between India and Pakistan.

If they say that they will have breakfast in Jaisalmer and dinner in Delhi, then I say that we will have breakfast in Karachi as well as lunch.



Nana Patekar speaks these dialogues in the film.

This Muslim’s blood This Hindu’s blood, tell me which of the Muslim, which of the Hindu?