‘Ranveer’ releases its first song “Tirimiri Tirimiri Tin Taara”

‘Ranveer’ releases its first song “Tirimiri Tirimiri Tin Taara”

The Cinema Times

The song TiriMiri TiriMiri Tin Taara from the upcoming cinema Ranveer has been released on web. This is the very first song of this cinema . The song stars Sushil Sitaula, Subekshya Khadka and Supushpa Bhatt wearing traditional dresses and dancing on a beautifully decorated sets.

It is sung by Rajan Raj Siwakoti and Anju Panta.

The track is basically a dancing track where the whole cast of the song dances in full swing. The actresses looks stunning in the song.

Ranveer is a cinema directed by Govinda Singh Bhandari and produced by Goma Bista and Dipendra Regmi it also stars Prashant Tamrakar, Tika Pahari, Naresh Poudel, Rabi Giri, Harihar Sharma and many others in the pivotal role. The cinema is slated to release on 1st of Feb 2019.