Reecha & Arpan Takes Risks With ‘Sunkesari’

Reecha & Arpan Takes Risks With ‘Sunkesari’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Sunkesari’ director Arpan Thapa says, he had taken a risk to make a horror cinema. Thapa in a Press Meet at Chitwan just before 2 days earlier of release day realizes no market for Nepali horror cinema and said had made a horror cinema ‘Sunkesari’ taking all risks.

He claims that he and his entire team had made a high-quality cinema. It will be a trendsetter if ‘Sunkesari’ does good box office. Similarly, no one would dare to make any Nepali horror cinema for at least 6-7 years if it fails. Nepali cinema market for now is full of comedy market. In this chaos of comedy market, there is still a question mark for either audiences will or not come to watch horror cinema. However, Thapa is fully optimistic from ‘Sunkesari’. According to him, the cinema business depends on the audiences’ mentality. If they come to hall with mentality of entertainment cinema, then they will love ‘Sunkesari’. But if they come with mentality of dread horror that will frighten and give fear panic to them, then they might not like ‘Sunkesari’.

Likewise, actress and producer of the cinema Reecha Sharma claims that they have not left any space for quality of ‘Sunkesari’. She says that they have filmed the cinema in high budget and good location and it is also a challenging project for her acting career. So, she is sure about the audiences’ positive feedback and love towards the cinema. Reecha and Arpan also shared their sad experience coming to first week of Jestha for the cinema promotion due announced protest of Film Makers Associations which has now come to end with agreements.

Cinema directed by Arpan Thapa feature Reecha Sharma in lead role following pivotal roles of Rabindra Jha, Sunny Dhakal and Loren Lamphberg. It is a tale of three characters and their affairs with souls and ghosts.

Reecha Sharma has jointly produced cinema with Bhim Neupane and Sharmila Sapkota. It is of 2 crore budgets. Kali Prasad Baskota and Bijaya Adhikari have given the music to cinema. ‘Sunkesari’ is all set to go on silver screen on Jestha 11.