Debut From Aamir’s Cinema Is A Mistake!

Debut From Aamir’s Cinema Is A Mistake!

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Sanaya Irani is the popular star name from TV shows.

Sanaya made her distinctive identity in Hindi serial world, however, could not mark herself in Bollywood. She debuted in Aamir Khan Starrer ‘Fanaa’ in a supporting role. Her debut cinema ‘Fanaa’ marked a success, but Sanaya seen in a small role in cinema could not gain any notice. Bollywood was unlucky for Sanaya, yet shined as a superstar in Television world.

Sanaya regards her debut in ‘Fanna’ as one of the big mistake. In one of her interview said, “Fanaa wasn’t a route to get into Bollywood. It was a mistake. I have been offered 4-5 cinemas after ‘Fanna’, which I have said ‘No’, but they went on to become big hit.

Therefore, she herself regards unlucky for Bollywood. She hasn’t done any Bollywood cinema after ‘Fanna’. Despite, she is continuously involved in television.