Yatra trailer: Everything you thought about the cinema may have been wrong !! Video:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Ever since the teaser of film maker Keshab Bhattarai’s next ‘Yatra’ came out, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the trailer to give us a sneak peek into the plot of the cinema.

Finally, the trailer of this romantic-musical drama has arrived and is creating quiet a buzz for all the obvious reasons. Love, romance, love-life complications and a bit of humour…the cinema seems to have it all and yes, the trailer is really intriguing.

The trailer starts on a high note of friendship between college friends including Salin Man Baniya, Rear Rai, Prechya Bajracharya, Jahanwi Basnet and which seems like a ‘No Strings Attached’ scenario. While their time is spent dancing, singing and hugging each other and learning ,the fun is interrupted by actor Salon Basnet.

Directed by debutant Samrat Shakya and produced by Sushil Pokharel , the cinema stars rising star Salin Man Baniya and newbie Mallika Mahat in the pivotal role.