Wow !! Late Sridevi will be seen for the last time in this upcoming film. Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu-   Legendary actress of Bollywood Sridevi who passed away suddenly on 24 Feb 2018, will be seen one last time on screen in eagerly awaited Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero.

Sridevi who was very fond of Shah Rukh agreed to appear for a  song and dance that shows Bollywood ’s best-known actresses attending a party. Sridevi’s entry will be a highlight of the film.

Shah Rukh Khan did a guest appearance as her husband in a film called Army. He had even pasted a moustache on his face to look old enough to be Sridevi’s husband.

And now  Sridevi repays the favour by doing a  guest appearance for Shah Rukh. “Though there  are several other well-known actresses in the song, Sridevi’s presence will be a kind of final hurrah to a gorgeous woman who redefined onscreen sensuality,” says a  source close to Zero.