Will superstar Anmol KC collaborate with director Samten Bhutia ?

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- It’s not easy to be Anmol KC in the industry.

2019 is going to be quite hectic for super star Anmol KC and hopefully extremely fruitful as the actor has some interesting projects lined-up.

He will first be seen in Diwakar Bhattarai’s ‘Captain’ opposite Upashana Singh Thakuri and Priyanka MV, then in Jharna Thapa’s A Mero Hajur 3 alongside newbie Suhana Thapa.

Apparently, director Samten Bhutia who directed cinema including Tandro, Anagat and Letter now wants to collaborate with actor KC. According to the reports, Bhutia has sent the script of his upcoming project and to which Anmol hasn’t signed yet.

So, lets wait and see whether the actor collaborated with the director or not !!

Anmol has been shooting for AMH3 for a long time. The actor recently is in USA to complete a shooting schedule of the cinema.