Why is Katrina Kaif most valued woman of superstar Salman Khan? Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Bollywood’s one of the super stunning actress Katrina Kaif is the dependable, most valued woman of Bhaijaan of the industry Salman Khan outside his mother and sisters.

Besides Salman, the only  serious  relationship Katrina  got into was the kapoor lad Ranbir Kapoor. As long as it lasted she’d run to Salman for advice.

After she  broke up with Ranbir, Salman was  there to support her. According to the sources, now they are  closer than ever before. Salman’s mother and sisters  dote on Katrina. In fact Salman’s mother wants him to marry her,” says an old friend  of  the superstar Khan.

“I don’t  think  Salman has  ever been  so close to  any of his girlfriends. Katrina and Salman understand each other well. She doesn’t have to say what she needs. Salman has  it ready for her even before she articulates her need.” Katrina once  told this writer that the one person whom she can depend on in this entire universe is Salman. So  maybe there is still hope of them getting together as a married couple some day” says an old friend of Salman Khan.