This popular director/producer loses Rs 60,000 from her handbag. See more:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Bollywood’s one of the popular producer Ekta Kapoor was shocked when she found Rs 60,000 she had kept in her handbag missing.

The producer registered a complaint with the Juhu Police last Saturday.  however, no one has been arrested so far.

According to the sources,  a team of 3 officers are investigating the matter and the cops have questioned 5 people including driver and domestic help.
The addresses and bank account details of the five suspects have been taken on records. We will scan these details to find out whether the stolen cash has been deposited in any of these accounts.
Another officer privy to the case has revealed that everyone who has been questioned has denied their involvement in the case. He also said that CCTV footage were being scanned to find out if any outsider entered her bungalow.