“Sushree Sampati” Trailer: Get ready for a war between bromance and romance. (Video)

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- The makers of upcoming cinema ‘ Sushree Sampati‘ released it’s trailer this Friday. The just released trailer features lead casts Salon Basnet, Sara Sirpaili and Binod Neupane.

After watching the three minutes long trailer, we can say that the story surely has a twist that you would love to experience at the theaters. The story looks like a war between bromance and romance.

Watch the trailer here:

Subrat Acharya directorial ‘Sushree Sampati’ also features prominent faces of tinsel town including Pramod Agrahari, Rajaram Poudel, Bisharad Basnet and Sunita Shrestha Thakuri. The cinema is presented and written by Ramesh Twayana, and is produced by Bigyan Rai, Namuna Subba, and Raman Silakaar. ‘Sushree Sampati’ is slated to release on 14th December , 2018.