Subash Giri- Will Fight Against Injustice of Both Pradhan & Police (Video)

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Kri’ maker Subash Giri came up with the conclusion of ‘Injustice’ done to him from ‘Samjhana’ producer/director Shambhu Pradhan in song piracy case.

Maker Giri holding Press Meet on Tuesday said injustice has been done to him, and now he will be taking law procedure against it. According to Giri, the way he was took over in custody and compelled to pay 11 lakh was not judicious.

He agrees his mistake for taking song in his cinema without any consent. Still, he thinks that director Pradhan and police both did injustice to him. The way he was compensated is not lawful at all. Further, he strongly believes that Pradhan used his force and handcuffed him. He said that he will fight against this injustice following proper Nepal Law and Rules.

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