Shahrukh Khan will be provided with heavy security after getting threats !! Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Bollywood’s king khan Shahrukh Khan was threatened recently if he visited the state of Orissa.

Despite the threat,  Shah Rukh Khan has not cancelled his visit for the Hockey World Cup.  Shah Rukh Khan is all set to inaugurate the Men’s Hockey World Cup at the Kalinga Stadium in Orissa on November 27.

However, some community have come out with threats against the superstar and said that they are ready to throw black ink at his face and show him black flags upon his arrival in the state.

The community claimed that Shah Rukh Khan’s cinema ‘Asoka’ distorted historical facts. Later they demanded an apology from Shah Rukh Khan as he has accused him of hurting the sentiments of people in the cinema .

According to the sources, they will take adequate security measures for the visit of Shah Rukh Khan during the world cup.