Sanjay Dutt revealed to being in three relationships at once ! Read more:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, who celebrated his 60th birthday this week, has always been in the news for his controversial personal life.

He recently revealed that there was a time when he was in three relationships at once. He made the confession in an interview, also shedding light on how he is with his girlfriends.

He was quoted saying,”I was in three relationships at one point of time. You need to be clever. One shouldn’t know what is happening with the other,” he said. In Sanju, it was revealed that Dutt has slept with around 308 women in his life. Meanwhile, he has allegedly dated Tina Munim, Madhuri Dixit, Lisa Ray and others.

He also admitted that though he has never interfered with his girlfriends’ career, he was possessive when it came to their dressing.  He said,”I am very possessive about her. She is mine and I don’t like her to expose herself on screen,” he said earlier.  He never shied away from accepting it and revealed he has always been a ‘traditional guy’ at heart. Well, to each their own!