Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan opened on how she felt on her dad’s wedding with Kareena Kapoor !!

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan will finally live a dream she’s been wishing since she was four.

With her debut film,  Kedarnath with Sushant Singh Rajput around, daddy Saif Ali Khan revealed to Karan Johar on his chat show.  The actor informed that Sara had accompanied him on a world tour and during a concert in Chicago, when Aishwariya Rai was on stage, he noticed her sitting on the floor, peeping through the curtain, watching Ash’s act and the crowd’s reaction, mesmerised.

She looked up at him and announced, “This is what I want to do. This is my world, this is where I want to be!” It’s been two decades, but Sara hasn’t changed her mind.

Saif went on to confide that on the day of the wedding to Kareena Kapoor, he wrote a letter to his ex-wife Amrita Singh stating that both were starting new chapters in their lives.

Sara admitted that she had coped well with her family because both her parents made it easy for her. She informed that was already attending her father’s wedding, when she learnt about this note that Saif sent her mother and it made her really happy and want to be there for him even more.