Popular author Subin Bhattarai on ‘Summer Love’ and cinema direction. Know here:

The Cinema Time, Kathmandu- Even before the release of cinema adapted from popular author Subin Bhattarai’s novel ‘Summer Love ‘ which is releasing this Friday, Bhattarai has come on board expressing his interest to helm the cinema in the near future.

Bhattarai announced the interest on directing the cinema saying he is happy with what he is now and there’s no hurry in directing but in future after completing the preparation of the stories he might get into it.

He expressed his satisfaction after watching Summer Love and feels somehow the cinema has given justice to his novel and the characters in it. “Can’t wait for audiences to see the cinema,” the author added.

Subin’s latest offering ‘Priya Sufi’ is also creating the buzz in the market with huge positive responses.

For now, his popular and much talked about ‘Summer Love’ is set to release in 8th of February which features Ashish Piya, Rewati Chhetri, Namrata Sapkota, Suraj Singh Thakuri and many others.