Pooja and Paul receives an incredible love as their song ‘Timro Gharko Woripari’ rules over the internet !!

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- It’s no surprise that when 2P’S steps onto the silver screen, it’s bound to make headlines. And with their upcoming cinema ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu’, the Pooja Sharma and Paul Shah has been ruling over the internet.

The first ever song of Sudarshan Thapa directorial MYGG2 ‘Timro Gharko Woripari’ which released on Thursday, has been smashing chartbusters all over and now adding a massive cherry on the cake, the song has set a major record.

Pooja Sharma and Paul Shah starrer song has become the most viewed video and is still #1 trending on YouTube. Sung by Asmita Adhikari and Sonam Topden , the song managed to garner over almost 1 million views within a day.

The cinema produced by Pooja Sharma and Sudarshan Thapa is slated to release in 6th of March 2020.