Niruta Singh to be part of Bikash Raj Acharya’s ‘Hajaar Juni Samma’. Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Did you know that there’s reportedly been an addition to Team “Hajaar  Juni Samma”?

Actress Niruta Singh has reportedly been approached to star in veteran director Bikash Raj Acharya’s upcoming Hajaar Juni Samma which also stars Swastima Khadka in the lead.

A source close to the project told the that director Acharya approached the actress to star in the cinema while she has signed it.  Meanwhile, Niruta is apparently shooting for Maha Jodi’s “Daal Bhaat Tarkari”.

The story of the cinema has been penned by Samipya Raj Timalsina and director Acharya himself.

The cinema will go into production sometime while Kabita Regmi, mother of child artist Anubhav Regmi will be producing it.