Maruni Posters: When Samragyee RL Shah fell in love with Puspa Khadka.

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Here comes the first fresh romantic posters of Samragyee Rl Shah and Puspa Khadka starrer Maruni. The makers of the upcoming cinema dropped first look posters of their love-story thriller on Sunday.

In the poster, the bold and beautiful Samragyee is seen riding a horse with a smile and love in her face for the other lead Puspa and her love interest can be seen walking over leading them. 

In the other poster, they are seen getting cozier with each other with Puspa’s hands tied to Samragyee’s belly in a romantic way.

Maruni’ marks second venture which is produced by Punam Gautam and directed by Nawal Nepal.

‘Maruni’ is a story of two gorgeous ladies which also features Rebika Gurung, Sunisha Chhetri, Arun Raj, Aayush Pradhan, Shankhar Sedain and many others in the pivotal roles.