It’s Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal’s Birthday Special!

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Today is the birthday of Rajesh Hamal one of the biggest stars of the Nepali cinema industry. Rajesh Hamal born on 1964 June 9 at Palpa, Tansen turned 54 today.
Superstar Rajesh started his acting career on 2048 from ‘Yugdekhi Yugsamma’ and for now having full stop in acting after ‘Sakuntala’. ‘Sakuntala’ is his last released cinema. 50 & 60’s decades was totally ruled by him.
It is reported that he will soon make comeback in industry with the production. However, there are no official information regarding the cinema and time. He had been given the title of ‘Mahanayak’ infront of his name, which means the biggest personality of whole cinema fraternity.
Rajesh is one of the biggest pillars of Nepali cinema fraternity business and market expansion. Had given many blockbusters in his time and had already worked in more than 200 cinemas. He is a Nepali superstardom that no one could beat him. There was a time, when thousands of fans would come to halls just because of his presence in cinema poster. His good chemistry pair was Krishti Mainali to Karishma Manandhar and further ahead reached to Niruta Singh and Rekha Thapa as he spends his 3 decades in this industry. Audiences mostly loved him in village and poor guy role with fit body, wise mind and catchy looks. His fans following were from mini village to large city. He used to have dozens of cinema released in a year at some point of time. So, other actors used to be dull with his superstardom charm.
Mahanayak Rajesh didn’t marry till his age of 50, which raised a question tag ‘When are you getting married’ for him from media and his fans. Finally, four years ago, he gets married with Madhu Bhattrai at age of 50. But question mark is still throwing up on him, and this time question tag is ‘When are you having a baby?’
We wish Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal a very Happy Birthday!