Is Salman Khan upset with Vicky Kaushal for flirting with Katrina Kaif? See here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Most acts at various Bollywood awards functions are planned beforehand but some of them do get out of hand, no matter how carefully they are rehearsed.

Vicky Kaushal, a rising star who has had the back-to-back successes of his cinemas in 2018, did an activity on stage with actress Katrina Kaif in the presence of Salman Khan where he proposed marriage to her.

According to the reports, the entire environment looked strange, firstly because Katrina is so much more senior to  Kaushal and also because Salman Khan who continues to be Katrina’s mentor, was sitting in the audience.

Afterwards, a  close friend of the actor said he didn’t exactly take the whole exchange between Vicky and Katrina well.

According to the source, it probably done to make it a talking point. “But apparently, Salman doesn’t take kindly to this kind of heavy flirting with anyone, least of all someone who is part of his family,” said the source.