Great demand for Namrata Shrestha and Bipin Karki’s ‘Prasad’ in Europe. Read more:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Namrata Shrestha,  Bipin Karki and Nischal Basnet’s highly-anticipated family drama ‘Prasad’ has followed the path to secure the widest release outside the country as well.

While Chhakka Panja 3 burst onto 30 shows in Europe this year, Prasad is gearing up for release  in almost 20 screens. ‘Prasad’ has now caught the attention internationally so much so that the distributor in Europe Suraj Karki has already bought its rights.

There’s a great demand for ‘Prasad’ in Europe. Never before there’s been so much demand for any cinema after Chhakka Panja.  This is really good from cinema industry’s perspective,” European distributor Suraj Karki said here.

In Europe, the cinema is releasing in 20 screens (Denmark, Poland, Malta, Germany, Finland, Austria, Portugal,Norway and Belgium) and the number is likely to increase based on the bookings. The cinema’s first show shall begin from 14th of December from Finland.

The story of the cinema is penned by cinema critic Sushil Poudel.

Directed by Dinesh Raut and produced by Shuvash Thapa, the cinema is slated to release in 7th of December,2018