Deepika Ran Out of Cinema After ‘Padmaavat’

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Deepika Padukone starrer Sanjay Lila Bansali directed ‘Padmaavat’ collected above 5 hundred crores box office worldwide. Deepika showering with the huge success of ‘Padmaavat’ signed for gangster cinema to be directed by Bishal Bhardwaj. But, the cinema recessed with the health issue of her opposite lead actor Irfan Khan. Hence, Deepika have not made any contract for any other cinema after this.

Yet, there are many rumors buzz behind her none of the cinema contract. Some of the people are claiming that Deepika is assuring her good time for marriage. And some says that she is not accepting any cinema because of her neck and backbone problems. Similarly, some different reasons came out recently.

According to one of the Indian Portal news, she is currently busy in her neck and backbone treatments. She will recover it soon. And as for her marriage, it will not affect in anyways in her cinema carrier. She is just waiting for best character. She is rejecting so many offers because she is concerned with the quality but not quantity.