Biopic ‘Blind Rocks’ Trailer Released

Nikesh Limbu produced movie ‘Blind Rocks’ ,the Biopic movie based on real life story of sightless girl Shristi Shrestha have released the trailer.  The trailer was launched by organizing an event in town by the team.
Director Milan Chams speaking in an event on the behalf of  movie says that the movie will become an inspiration for many youths. Milan explained Shristi lost her eyesight, still she is became a source of an inspiration. He is pretty sure  that the movie will be liked in Nepal too as much as it was liked in England.

Similarly, Benisha Hamal also gave her speech regarding her role and hard work in the movie . She shared the feelings that she felt both opportunity and challenge for herself to play the character of Shristi and told the film will give an energy to do something for our generation.

Benisha Hamal, Arpan Thapa, Gauri Malla, Anil Keshari and more featured movie will released on Falgun 18, while producer Nikesh is sti