Anmol KC entertains his star-struck crowd in Nepalgunj. See here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Craziness of fans went so up that they waited long hours just to see the glimpses of their favorite star Anmol KC.

Anmol KC who is currently busy with promotional events for his upcoming cinema ‘Captain’ was poured with so much love on his visit to Nepalgunj Mahotsab in Nepalgunj. 

The heartthrob had gone there to promote his cinema with the team of Captain. Anmol was an absolute delight for all his fans at the promotional event.

His crazy fan following mostly encompasses young girls who have been long smitten by the actor and with each cinemas like Hostel,Dreams, Jerry, Kri, Anmol just keeps getting better and better.

A huge crowd gathered to see the star, where he was asked the release date of his upcoming by the crowd. While Anmol answered few questions related to his cinema he also performed few steps in ‘Rahar Chha Sangai’ and entertained the crowd by marking some of the dialogues from the trailer of his cinema. Overall, he was an absolute entertainer for his star-struck crowd. 

Directed by Diwakar Bhattarai and produced by Bhuwan KC ‘Captain’ is slated to release in 1st of March 2019.