Anmol KC aka Ishaan: This one man has the nation’s women wooed in a heartbeat!

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Super star Anmol KC is on a different high with his next release Captain and A Mero Hajur 3 and we totally feel him. 

In fact, he is one of the most media-friendly celebrities and shares a warm rapport with photographers and journalists alike. In fact, he is probably the only celebrity who has never gotten into any altercations with the media and has always been very respectful, something that we too give in return.

Anmol is claimed to be always high on life and style, by his contemporaries and directors. Girls want him, boys want to be him. This one man has the nation’s women wooed in a heartbeat! 

Earlier we reported that the heartthrob had gone to Nepalgunj Mahotsab to promote his cinema ‘Captain’ with the team where he was an absolute delight for all his fans at the promotional event.

His crazy fan following mostly encompasses young girls who have been long smitten by the actor and with each cinemas like Hostel,Dreams, Jerry, Kri, Anmol just keeps getting better and better.

He plays a national football player in his upcoming Captain who believes can bring home the medal for his country with lots of hard work and dedications and we believe him. 

Anmol shared that the major importance for him in his career is not the number of cinemas but the role which he will be depicting that makes impact among the audiences. He expressed that he’s very choosy when it comes to cinemas. What matters to him is the quality and not the quantity.

Excited about his upcoming cinema, Anmol feels Captain might leave a huge impact among audience and his character Ishaan Khadka because this time it’s about fighting for our land and self respect.

Directed by Diwakar Bhattarai and produced by Bhuwan KC ‘Captain’ is slated to release in 1st of March 2019.