Actress Benisha Hamal shares her sexual harassment story. Read here:

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Benisha Hamal has alleged that she was sexually harassed in the initial days of her career while she was only 18.

Recently, the “Blind Rocks” actress Benisha said in an interview that she was harrased. After cpompleting a photoshoot for a bank, a media co-ordinator said her that the bank’s CEO has offered her to go to Nagarkot.

She further added that the incident disturbed her mentally and she couldn’t think of doing anything at the moment other than slapping him. At that time, the story was conveniently killed, but she spoke openly about the incident recently. But while she was asked to disclose the name of the Bank and CEO, she replied saying,” I don’t remember the name of the bank and the CEO as well. 

Her disclosure has brought the wave in the industry recently. What do you think?