‘Aago 2’ release date fixed I Producer aggressive towards censor

By Sunny Pradhan for The Cinema Times on Friday

Cinema Aago 1 which was released 14 years ago had to face problems with the censor board. The same case is now for Aago 2. Producer was more aggressive with the government and censor board at a press meet organized on Thursday.

The late response from censor board was the main reason for the producer to act aggressive. The movie’s release date has been postponed to Mangsir 12th, but has not passed from the censor board till now.

According to producer Kisan Pokhrel, “Censor board’s objection was with the movie’s content where constituent assemble’s 3rd election was shown. It was shown for the corrupt and bad ministers.” He has also made plans to register the issue at the court.

Aago 2 press meet

Aago 2 press meet

Aago 2 press meet

Distributer Gopal Kayastha also seemed to be aggressive. He said, “Everything is clear. The current censor board are from Congress and the film content is about Maoists. The controversy between these two political parties is the main reason for the delay.”

Director Madan Ghimire also mentioned that he had never been in such a problem like this in his entire movie carrier.

The movie will be releasing on 12th of Mangsir along with another movie “My Promise”.