‘A Mero Hajur 4’ gets A Roaring Response by the Film Fraternity

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Rajesh Hamal, Bhuwan KC, Shiva Shrestha and other celebrities sing praises of A Mero Hajur 4. They applauded the making, stellar performances of the actors and said that the cinema will elicit emotions. Director Jharana Thapa feels that the entire industry is supporting AMH4 and Nepali cinemas and it is the need of the hour.  

Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa starrer ‘A Mero Hajur 4’ has done it. After opening on a good note, the business of the cinema continued to witness immense growth with each passing day. One week after its release, AMH4 has managed to collect over 4 crores. Despite tough competition and screen dominance from foreign cinema, AMH4 continues to see collections trickling in. Jharana Thapa becomes the director to have all three blockbuster directorial ventures.

As audiences keep showering their love for the team, Nepali cine workers also reacted to the colossal success of the cinema. Three legends of Nepali cinema sector applauded AMH4 after watching it together.

Rajesh Hamal says, “The cinema is emotional. It starts with a romantic fun aspect but elicits your emotion in the climax. The cinema goes with a flow and the story is gripping.” He enjoyed the cinema and affirms Nepali audiences would love this love story. He appreciated the presentation, direction, acting and package on a whole.

Shiva Shrestha expressed he hadn’t shed that much tears in other cinemas that he did while watching AMH4. He further added the cinema is spectacular and the making of cinemas like this proves Nepali cinemas will be unstoppable now. He praised both Anmol and Suhana’s acting.

Similarly, Bhuwan KC said he feels proud to watch his son doing well and gives his blessings to both protagonists. He also praised Jharana Thapa’s direction. In a fun moment Bhuwan KC remarked that he is eager to see Hamal’s son in cinemas.

Director Jharana Thapa expressed her gratitude towards the three actors for watching the cinema. She feels that the entire industry is supporting AMH4 and Nepali cinemas and it is the need of the hour. Anmol and Suhana also share that the love from the fraternity comes as a blessing.

Kiran KC, Jeetu Nepal and Shivahari Poudel also revealed that the cinema made them cry. Appreciating the making, Kiran KC hailed Jharana Thapa for her direction. Talking about Suhana’s stellar performance in the cinema, he said Suhana is here for the long run.

Pooja Sharma expressed that AMH4 is a cinematic delight. From the actors’ praiseworthy performances to a reality based story, she loved it all.

The cinema has garnered appreciation across the country and Nepali cinema fraternity is no exception. A host of celebrities have expressed their amazement after watching AMH4 and praised every aspect of it.