‘London to Paris’- Story of Diaspora Youths

‘London to Paris’- Story of Diaspora Youths

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Ghanashyam Lamichhane directed cinema ‘London to Paris’ is all set to hit the theatre on Jestha 25. The team is assertive on this youth centric cinema be well received by the audiences.

The director had earlier directed ‘Dhauli’, ‘Panchebaja’ and ‘Chitra’. ‘London to Paris’ gives a different flavor than his previous ones. But, the director says- Though shot abroad, ‘London to Paris’ is still a Nepali story, our story. The story is about Nepali youths in diaspora. We saw the necessity to present the story of abroad living youths, thus this cinema was made.

‘London to Paris’ brings out a refreshing, larger than life story for the audiences. It is relatable to the youths. The audiences will stay connected to the characters throughout the cinema.

Actor Samragyee RL Shah perfectly suited the character, thus she was offered the role. She portrays a character relatable to today’s youths who can’t find a stable relationship because of their ego. Even she could relate herself to the character to certain extent. She believes the audiences will find the cinema riveting.

Actor Nischal Khadka makes his debut from this cinema. He had earlier signed two cinemas which didn’t go on floor. This had him thwarted. He auditioned for ‘London to Paris’ and got the role but still was reluctant whether this cinema will work or not. The day shoot started, he became rejuvenated to work.

He portrays the character of Apil who is ready to go through anything for his love. Khadka has tried his best to emote the ups and downs his character feels. Though he is completely different than the character he portrays, he had fun working in it.

The story revolves around a London based make-up artist Apil who falls in love at first sight. Believing her to be his true love, he embarks on a journey to meet her.

The cast includes Samragyee RL Shah, Nischal Khadka, Garima Sharma, Kabir Khadka, Rushma Thapa, Manish Gandhi and Manish Shrestha. Actor Nischal Khadka is making his debut in this cinema and so is Garima Sharma.

An AB International presentation in association with Gautam production and Orchid vase films Limited, ‘London To Paris’ is produced by Amit Basnet, Aaron Basnet, Ariana Basnet and Pari Rana. Co-produced by Sanis Khakurel, the executive producers are Ankit Gautam, Suraj Kuwar and Vijay Bhandari.

‘London To Paris’ is a youth-centric romantic comedy-drama. The cinema is a travel love story written by Pradeep Bhardwaj. The crew includes Abhed Parab as DOP, Shaju Chandran as editor, Longinus Fernandes as choreographer and has Hercules Basnet, SD Yogi, Beyond and Salin Magar’s music.

Releasing in cinemas on Jestha 25, the cinema will be a rejuvenating love story.