Music Composer Heidi Li in Nepal for premiere of ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’

Music Composer Heidi Li in Nepal for premiere of ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Heidi Li, who had composed music for ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ has come to Nepal to attend the Nepali premiere of the cinema. This is her third visit to Nepal.

She had earlier been to Nepal for music research purpose. Li, when got the opportunity to compose music for the cinema, wanted to learn more about Nepali music specially Rai culture and music. After the study, she composed fusion melody with traditional Rai music and western culture.

She had also visited the shooting spot for Rai music collection. Li wanted to present Nepali Rai cultural music taste in the cinema thus dedicated herself to that extent in learning the culture and music which resulted in the wonderful music composition.

She is excited to watch the cinema with the people whom the cinema belongs to and is also eager to receive feedback regarding her work. ” The cinema has been around the world in many film festivals. Finally, it has landed home to its own people. I am exhilarated to watch the cinema with Nepali people.’

Directed by Nabin Subba, the cinema presents the struggle of tradition and modernisation and bitter sweet story of a father and a son. Director Subba is known for his different presentation and story. ‘Numafung’ was his first directorial, ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ is his third cinema while his second ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’ has not yet publicly released.

Dayahang Rai, Pashupati Rai, Prasan Rai, Prem Subba, Keshab Rai, Raj Thapa, Sumitra Rai are seen in pivotal roles. Produced under the banner of Menchhyayem Pictures and Baasuri Films in co-production with Gaun Ghar Productions and Chomolungma Productions,  the screenplay is by Mahesh Rai and Nabin Subba and is produced by Amod Rai and Nabin Subba. The executive producers are Sanju Rai, Devraj Rai, Narhang Rai and Bhim Rai. Mahesh Rai’s story is shot by Josh Herum and edited by Kwan Pun Leung.

‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’ hits the screen on Jestha 25.