‘Farki Farki’- Anmol’s road to stardom

‘Farki Farki’- Anmol’s road to stardom

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – ‘Farki Farki’ is an absolute breath of fresh air. It is aesthetically eye pleasing to watch the richness and freshness of dazzling chemistry, new concept, absolutely first rate performances,  praiseworthy shots and direction. Anmol is lit and everyone’s staging is legit awesome.

There are very few Nepali cinemas that flow without any dull moment and ‘Farki Farki’ is one of them. The concept is new, the story is similar to any romcoms but it’s the presentation that matters and this cinema has hit the right spot.

‘Farki Farki’ starts on a high note with the entry of Maddy. The club scene is grand unlike many other Nepali cinemas where who’s who cinemas also have shameful club presentation (not taking name o’course). The cinema picks up with the time loop incident. What follows is a story of love, friendship, family and trust.

The protagonist gets a second chance to relive is life, correct his mistakes and how wonderfully that has been presented in the cinema with beautiful casts, wonderful location and amazing shots.

Speaking of performances, Anmol KC is in superb form. He has dabbled in romcoms before, but here he is in different zone. He has clearly evolved as an actor and this is evident at several points in the cinema.

Jassita Gurung pulls off the role successfully. She is sweet, innocent and the pair dazzles the screen. Debutant Ravi Kafle has an important part to play and is lovely. He perfectly fits the role. Another debutante Samriddhi Aryal is a revelation.

Special mention has to be given to the producers who had faith on the director and didn’t compromise on bringing the best. DOP Narendra Mainali has done a wonderful job. The music is euphonious. Director Suyog Gurung has put the correct flavor on the platter and has raised the bar for any other future romcoms to come.

The beginning was high and the ending fills the audiences’ heart with warmth. For someone who has been longing for a romcom, this cinema is a wonderful watch.

Anmol is back with a bang in the genre he is loved the most. As he himself says in the cinema, he is tall, handsome and good looking. And it is Anmol who rings a bell when we talk about the hero who got the charm, magical aura with those eyes and smile making anyone go weak on their knees.

The cinema is a pleasant treat for everyone. Now if you are looking for reasons to put him down, you won’t find any. He is bang on with his performance. ‘Farki Farki’ is running successfully in theatres near you.