President announces policies for upliftment of cine sector, but is it enough!

President announces policies for upliftment of cine sector, but is it enough!

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Nepal has the potential to be the preferred shooting location for the biggest cine industries Hollywood and Bollywood. So the government has made the decision to attract those cinemakers in the country with new strategies.

The government has made specific policies for this. In the federal parliament meeting on Tuesday, President of Nepal Ram Chandra Poudel informed about the government’s policies on cine tourism. The programs include ways to attract the foreign cinemakers in Nepal for shooting purpose and has also decided to give preference to historical cinemas and songs. ‘Art and literature program for change’ titled different programs will be initiated.

Nepali cine makers have been demanding the government to properly address the topic for the upliftment of the cine industry which the government finally did, but the question arises- is it enough? The listed programs look like in the name of cinema, the government is more inclined in promoting tourism. And the art-literature program also doesn’t specify the policies.

Nepal can become a destination for international cinema shooting. Hollywood celebrities have long been fascinated by the geographical and cultural diversity in Nepal. This captivation can be cashed with more work target for Nepali cine workers. This kind of plan of action could have been made, but the decision lagged in specifications.